Our Guarantee, Always

If you have questions or see any issue with the way things are done, just say so. We believe in open communication. Just let us know what’s on your mind. Whether it’s a simple conversation or taking an entirely new direction, the important thing is that you remain confident.  We are here to accommodate you and your business and we specialize in adapting and meeting your needs.

The Core of Our work

It’s in the handshakes. It’s in the smiles. It’s the way we look you in the eye. The core of our work is honesty and an unwavering commitment to maintaining your best interests. Our work encompasses many things, but you can always find those core principles in everything we do.


  • Unlimited Attempts​​
  • Real time updates via email
  • Portal to our PST software to check job status
  • ​Geo-tag location on every attempt
  • Free Notary
  • ​Service is video documented via body cameras
  • ​Detailed notes on all documentation

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Perfected Process Service

406 Olympia Place

Murfreesboro, TN. 37130

The 615-556-3925


Fees (Middle Tennessee)

  • ​​Standard (4 Days)                     $65.00
  • Rush (48 Hour)                        $100.00
  • Bulk (20 p/ month)                     $55.00
  • Bulk Rush (48 hour)                  $90.00
  • File at Court                              $25.00
  • Print Fee (Per Page)                   $ .10  
  • ​Notary                                          Free