Perfected Process Service

Perfected Process Service There is double meaning to the name. When delivery of civil papers has been completed to the requirements of the law and a specific court venue it is said that the service has been "'perfected' at which point the court accepts it as part of the civil procedure. Secondly,the goal of Perfected Process Service Is to perfect the way we serve each individual client. We want to make their process serving procedure as effortless and transparent as possible. This means doing what is easiest and most efficient for the client.

How do we receive the papers from you? How do we deliver the served papers back to you? How much access do you want to the status of each individual serve we are doing for you? Do you want an email each time a serve is attempted or served? Do you want to be able to access the status online and look at all the comments the servers have made on each attempt? Do you want your clients to have the same access,or do you want to be the conduit through which they receive their information?