You may find a cheaper Process Service Company that offers rates even less than the local sheriff.  You may also find a Process Service Company with a fancy website boasting all kinds of claims and testimonials.  We are a small family owned and operated business that believes in honesty and integrity.  We have been here for 25 years and we will be here when all others Process Service Companies are gone.  Please reach out to us and I can promise you will never choose another Process Service Company.  ~Darrell Land


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Why choose Perfected Process Service


I was an elementary school teacher in Murfreesboro Tennessee.  When Jeff decided to retire from the daily operations I made the plunge and took over that role.  I truly enjoy dealing with clients and servicing their needs.  I feel my education and training as a teacher is a huge advantage in understanding and executing the precision and attention to detail our clients demand.   ~Darrell

Attention Nashville Attorneys

Let us serve your bulk legal documents.  We offer bulk rates and can drop and pick-up at your office.

​​Perfected Process service was registered with the State of Tennessee in February 2014.  It evolved from the Private Investigation Company Tennessee Investigations which has served Nashville  and all of Middle Tennessee since 1995.  Jeff Fowler, the owner of both companies has been in the Private Investigation and Process Service business since 1987. Darrell Land, Chief Operating Officer, took that role in 2017 after serving papers for Perfected Process Service and Tennessee Investigations for 7 years.  He continues in the tradition of providing prompt professional process service with superior customer service to the Middle Tennessee area.

  • Servers are T.A.P.P.S. certified and ​member of N.A.P.P.S.
  • ​Currently have employees serving the role of President and Vice President of T.A.P.P.S.
  • We video document all service via body cameras
  • Servers must meet a strict code of ethics
  • We have been in business for 25 years and can provide references
  • Fully integrated software you have access to (check statuses in real time)
  • Free Notary
  • ​Family owned and operated
  • ​Service success rate over 95%